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Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst has made some serious waves within the diet and drug industries recently. Her website makes claims that are highly controversial. Some have even considered her to be on the fringe.

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Feedback Sampling & Overview

Actual customer feedback:
"While my weight loss on this program has been marginal, I did find that the act of detoxification has helped me to feel much less lethargic. Perhaps there is something to this." website

"I did the detox and it was gross to say the least. I am having much more regular bowel movements though and I feel more active. I have also lost 9 pounds in two weeks."
Diet Review blog

"I have followed this diet plan to the letter and I have lost 23 pounds in 5 weeks. I agree that the detox deal was a bit disturbing."
My Space website


This product is somewhat disappointing as a fat loss guide. The premise of the book is that by detoxifying your body, the fat loss will follow. If you are looking for general information on the topic of detoxification this book provides that.


Since this publication is more about detoxification than weight loss it only rates 3 out of 5 stars. The website also comes off as a bit hyped up with the use of intense photographs.


Product Details
Author: Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst
Product Specs: 49 page ebook. Immediate download.
Price: $37 or $57 depending on version.
Return Policy: 8 week refund policy

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