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Product Report

This book was written by Jon Benson and co-authored by Tom Venuto. Jon himself became fit by losing 70 pounds at the age of 43. He offers his personal experience throughout this book.

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Feedback & Overview Sampling

Actual customer feedback:
"Fit Over 40 is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in learning how to lose fat, build lean mass, and improve their overall quality of life. If you're looking to make a lifestyle change, you should be taking lessons from those who've already succeeded."
university faculty member

"Life doesn't stop at 40 and this book is proof. Rob's book is motivational and packed with sound advice for aging people."
fitness blog post

"My opinion is that the book was a little light on the info I needed. I am 42 and still working out fairly intensely. When I am at an age where I want to slow down my routines I will come back to this book for guidance."
health fitness forum


Our findings are that this publication offers outstanding information for a middle aged fitness program. The product website and the book itself are both filled with personal success stories that are designed to motivate the readers.


If you are looking for an all around education of getting fit in your middle age then this publication will provide you with that information. If you are looking for a more aggressive approach to fitness, then you may be better off with Venuto's other book, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle.


Product Details
Author: Jon Benson & Tom Venuto
Product Specs: Ebook. Immediate Access via download.
Price: $39.00
Return Policy: 60 Day refund policy

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