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Product Report

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is currently one of the top selling fat loss programs. This system claims that you can lose 9 pounds every 11 days, and without a requirement of exercise.

Official Fat Loss 4 Idiots Website


Feedback Sampling & Overview

Actual customer feedback:
"This is a diet that I can stay on easily and I am already seeing results in my first week. 7 pounds gone and 15 more to go. I like this approach."
diet power blog

"I have now been on this diet for 11 days and have lost 6 1/2 pounds.  I am very happy with that, especially since I have not exercised. "
calories per hour forum

"I weighed in today and lost another 7 pounds!  That makes it a total of 14 in two weeks.  Even though it wasn't the 9 pounds a week that they claimed...I'm very happy with this."
health board forum


This diet system contains what they are calling a "diet generator". The online diet generator creates a personal meal plan for you. You simply input your weight loss goals, and you will receive an 11 day meal menu, which uses their calorie shifting technique.


What consumers seem to like about this fat loss system is that there are no long books to read. A person can log in to the members area and begin their fat loss program within 15 minutes. The fact that this diet is so easy to implement and sustain, makes it one of the top rated choices.


Product Details
Author: Fat Loss 4 Idiots staff
Product Specs: Website membership
Price: $39.00 (includes 50% discount)
Return Policy: 60 day refund policy

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Official Website

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