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Product Report

This product is more of a system than just an ebook. Included are videos, meal plans and access to a members website. Sean Nalewanyj is the author and he has assembled a top selling body building system that has received rave reviews from our consumer reporters.

The Truth About Building Muscle Website

Feedback & Overview Sampling

Actual customer feedback:
"This program is the real deal. Everything I needed in one package. I love the online access to the videos. The online interaction with Sean and fellow members was priceless."
-program user

"I have to hand it to Sean. He has created a package that is all inclusive. His "Truth" package is everything you would expect and then some. I continue to recommend it to many of my clients."
-personal trainer

"If you are looking for a program that tells it like it is, and doesn't hold anything back, then The Truth About Building Muscle by Sean Nalewanyj is the only program you should consider."
-body building website owner


This product is one of the most comprehensive programs on the market. For starters there is a 26 week workout schedule that requires less than 30 minutes each day. There is also video on the members website where you can view the proper technique of over 100 body building exercises. The 12 weeks of meal plans show you exactly what to eat and removes the guesswork from your diet. Also included is a 6 part video series that demonstrates how to exercise each specific muscle group for maximum effectiveness. The program also includes software to chart your progress.


This package contains everything you need for success. In fact the author calls it his "No Fail" system. Our consumer reviewers loved this program and it received our highest rating of 5 stars.


Product Details
Author: Sean Nalewanyj
Product Specs: Ebook, 26 workout plan, exercise technique videos, mealplan and software.
Price: $77.00
Return Policy: 60 day refund policy

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