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Welcome to Body Building Product Reports. What you will find on this site is an accurate portrayal of a variety of online body building products based on extensive online research using actual customer feedback. If you are looking to start a body building program, you will find this information of extreme importance.


He have consumer reports available on the products listed below.

Product Spotlight



7 Minute Muscle

Written by Jon Benson who is a best selling author of "Fit Over 40" and the "Every Other Day Diet". In this book Benson takes a fresh look at the way we workout. He also exposes what he calls the "supplement scam".

7 Minute Muscle Full Product Report

Simple Steps to Get Huge and Shredded

Personal fitness trainer Shawn LeBrun has written his version of a fitness training program. He States that he has used this very system to successfully train over 40k clients.

Simple Steps to Get Huge & Shredded Full Product Report

No Nonsense Muscle Building

This program is being offered by fitness champion Vince DelMonte. He was the 2005 Canadian Fitness Model Champion. He is also a regular contributor to Maximum Fitness and Men's Fitness magazines.

No Nonsense Muscle Building Full Product Report

Every Muscle

This program is offered by a relatively unknown author. His name is James Hall and he apparently was the high school weakling that turned his life around and put his techniques into his own system.

Every Muscle Full Product Report


The Truth About Building Muscle

This product is more of a system than just an ebook. Included are videos, meal plans and access to a members website. Sean Nalewanyj is the author and he has assembled a top selling body building system that has received rave reviews from our consumer reporters.

The Truth About Building Muscle Full Product Report

Body Re-Engineering

This author, Hugo Rivera has sold in access of one million books and has achieved best seller status. He has also written many articles which have been published in the major magazines. He boasts that he is also a lifetime, 100% natural body builder. He also has earned multiple certifications as a trainer.

Body Re-Engineering Full Product Report

Muscle Gaining Secrets

This program was developed by Jason Ferruggia. Over the past 15 years he has been a trainer to sports teams in the NFL, NCAA, NHL and MLB. He lays claim to over 100k students worldwide.

Muscle Gaining Secrets Full Product Report


Body Building Revealed


If you have been involved in body building for any time at all, then you are already familiar with this author. Will Brink has been in the fitness business for 20 years and has written previous best selling books as well as numerous magazine articles.

Body Building Revealed Full Product Report

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